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What's The Story?

Welcome to My Story

Storytelling is the oldest form of art, communication and human connection. We all have stories to share, and I'll share mine here -- one post at a time.

Riverside Writing started from a need to pave my own way, and do it while spending A LOT of time with my 3 young children.

After over a decade working in finance and business strategy, I'm chasing my joy of family and stories. My introverted self has always preferred a behind-the-scenes role, so I've been ghostwriting for clients and building a portfolio of stories and experiences.

So it's time to start sharing.

Here I'll share things I've learned (and which I had learned sooner).

I'll share experiences and emotions.

I'll share best practices.

And I'll share bits of my story along the way.

If you'd like to come along on this journey, please sign up to get my posts delivered straight to your inbox.

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