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Tools & Affiliates

Useful sites, vendors, and tools that I've used to create Riverside Writing and want to share with You!

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Artful Contracts

Amy at Artful Contracts is incredibly helpful in getting my business and website up and running in all ways legal. From trademarking to contract templates, Artful Contracts has helped to protect my business.


Before turning to Wix, I tried a few other website management tools, and for a non-developer like myself, Wix is super easy to use and has all of the options I need to run my business and scale as it grows.

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Medium is a great resource for writers of all genres, abilities, and desires. The resources and community at Medium have helped me find my voice. The growing network of writers makes it a valuable resource for learning.


I use Grammarly for all professional and personal proofreading and editing recommendations in my writing. It is a great way to get suggestions and ensure your writing brings the tone you're intending.


WritersWork is a great resource for writers to draft long-form papers and articles. It provides real-time feedback and resources for writers including training tools and job boards.

See for yourself


MightyNest helps me keep my house clean in a safe and environmentally friendly way so I don't have to worry about my kiddos getting into unwanted chemicals. It works as a very reasonable monthly subscription, but I've used it for all household shopping needs and gifts.

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